Painted Cement Floors for a Great Improvement

Feb 15th
Painted Cement Floors Pictures
Painted Cement Floors Pictures

Painted Cement Floors – Painting the cement floor or concrete shows that in masonry. There are always options that adapt to the times and budgets of each situation. The results of this alternative to improve and beautify an environment can be very satisfactory. In general, the quality of the work depends heavily on the quality of the paint. And on the proper preparation of the floor to be covered. Painting concrete floors are something very easy. We just need some tips to decorate and know how to paint. One of the advantages of the cement floor is that painting it is very easy so we can finish very fast. Once we paint the cement floors of our room we will only have to decorate it in the way that we like.

The first step is floor arrangements before painting work on the painted cement floors. Before starting to paint a cement floor. We have to verify that the concrete is completely dry and has no water seepage. Then we must clean it thoroughly. For cleaning the cement floor, we can use some special products covering the nose and mouth with a special mask. It is to avoid breathing vapors that emerge from the application. Once the floor is dry, we have to check if it is crack or rough, in the case of cracks. We will make a mixture of cement to use it of a patch and to fill the cracks. If the painted cement floors that we want to paint is an old floor and is much worn. We will have to fix it before we start. With a hammer and chisel, we will have to clean well the remaining holes after we remove the imperfections for the new mixture to strike.

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And now we come through on how to paint a concrete floor. We will begin by painting with a small brush the corners farthest from the entrance door to the room, then with a roller, we will paint a coat of paint on the floor and let it dry and then put another coat of paint. When the floor is thoroughly dry, apply two more layers of epoxy paint using another clean roller. When the paint is dry, we will apply several layers of masonry sealant. The paint can get to dry between 30 minutes to 4 hours, this will depend on the mark that we use. With these tips of painted cement floors, you can decorate your house much faster and easier.

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