Painted Brick House with Red Color

Feb 12th
Painted Brick House White
Painted Brick House White

Painted brick house can be a time consuming and tiring task, which is why many experts recommend leaving bricks alone rather than painting them. Bricks are porous, which means they absorb color, making them difficult to cover properly and evenly. In addition, when painted, it is extremely difficult to remove paint from bricks. However, if you are determined to paint, it can be done with a lot of primer and patience. Follow the tips below to make sure your red brick house is painted correctly.


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How to painted brick house can use target sheets and magazines to cover and protect windows, doors, hangers, wood trim and other areas that you do not want to paint. Wash the bricks. Dirt, mold, moss and other natural materials can get caught in the many cracks and cracks in bricks. You must wash them carefully before you start, preferably using a high pressure wash. However, set it to the lowest setting, however, to avoid damage to bricks. Prime bricks. Use a special outdoor brick primer. Most major paint companies make them (see Resource below).

Apply the primer with a brush, roller or any color spray painted brick house, which will coat bricks evenly and faster. Depending on the brand of primer and the condition of the bricks, you may need to use multiple layers. Once the primer has dried, paint the bricks. Again, use a spray painter for best results. Wait until the paint has dried completely and apply another coat. Newly painted bricks are only part of the package. To really make your home really sparkle, make sure the whole outside gets a new coat or two of color. This includes the door, wood trim around the windows and porch.

Tips and warnings

If you are thinking of painted brick house with a white or toned white color, clean brick instead of painting them. Whitewash is much more durable than color and requires almost no maintenance. In general, bricks have a high secondary value. Potential buyers tend to perceive bricks as low-maintenance, energy efficient, solid and robust. What’s better is that the potential buyers are right – all of these things are true about bricks.  Brick is prolonged and does not require the care and maintenance that many other materials require over time. Clean bricks once a year. Sometimes spraying bricks with a hose is enough to get rid of loose dirt. But if there are places that seem particularly dirty, clean bricks with soap and a brush. Do not use a metal brush because metal wires can get stuck in the mortar. These stains will eventually rust and cause discoloration.

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