Painted Bookshelves Ideas For Delight Room

Jan 20th
Painted Bookshelves Ideas White
Painted Bookshelves Ideas White

Painted Bookshelves Ideas – Obviously it is very important to create a special order for spaces and even more so when it comes to children, that is why it is a great idea to find out how to paint wooden children’s shelves because this type of furniture represents a way not only to decorate but also to educate them from small in the importance of the organization of the things. The wooden shelves always suppose a great success, the problem is when you have some wall of some color striking. It is possible that in that case, they do not combine well, for that reason we recommend to paint them of a tone that marries her.

Before undertaking this project it is important to take some time to determine details such as the size that is needed, colors, figures, shapes and concerning the installation process. We start then preparing the surface so that it can receive the color in a suitable way, for that nothing better than to go to a smooth sandpaper, although if you have sander much better. You have to prepare the wood surface of the painted bookshelves ideas. It’s the basics. We will review them with a sander and a fine grain blade. With a brush, we will remove the generated dust. Clean with a dry cloth any remaining dust and use to apply a coat of primer, this trick will help the conservation of wood.

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Once the previous product is dry, we can process painted bookshelves ideas to give color, so you can go to some acrylic enamel to the water of the desired hue. You can help with a foam roller, to apply the paint. Then it is time to apply multipurpose primer to the water with a foam roller. With this, we will protect the surface and then paint it. The idea is to put two layers, remember to wait enough drying time between one for a neat finish. When the primer coat is dry we proceed to give an acrylic enamel to the water of the same tone as the main wall.

This painting is washable, multipurpose and quick drying. We will give you a pair of enamel layers always following the drying times indicated by the manufacturer. Check that the enamel is dry and then place the shelves on the wall making sure they are as straight as possible. If necessary we will help one level. We mark his position. Keep in mind that maybe a single painted bookshelves ideas is small so we recommend putting two or three with the distribution that you like.

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