Painted Bookcases Can Be Both Stylish And Functional

Feb 25th
Beautiful Painted Bookcase
Beautiful Painted Bookcase

Painted Bookcases – Books are precious items, fiction titles allow you to enter a mystery world of romance and fairy tale. Factual and reference books impart knowledge. A real book lover will not want to give them away once they have been read. It is very easy to find that you have managed to gradually build up quite a collection which will gradually start to gather dust. Your books deserve to be looked after and kept in a lovely piece of furniture. A painted bookcases can be used in any room of the house, even in the bedroom for decoration! All you need is a selection of books and possibly other items and a space in which to place the painted bookcase. Painted bookcase are usually rectangular in shape with horizontal shelves and vertical sides. But apart from that, there is a large choice of styles and materials.

Budget painted bookcases are made from particle board which has a colored or wood-effect plastic skin stuck to it. Another alternative which is almost as cheap is to get MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a thin veneer of wood on it. However, both these options will tend to bow in the middle due to the weight of the load. Particle board is joined by knock-down fittings which are not so strong. And they usually tend to get loose and wobbly over time. A solid oak painted bookcase will be much stiffer and resistant to bending and bowing. And stay looking good for much longer. The solid nature of the timber means that proper wood joints can be cut into it to make a secure and well-manufactured piece of furniture.

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The last aspect is the actual design and arrangements of painted bookcase. Some painted bookcases have no back and can also be used edge-on the wall like a room divider. Most of them, however, do have a solid back. Many shelves are open but it is possible to get painted bookcase with a drawer or two or even hinged cupboards. This is a good way to hide various items that need to store out of eye-shot. The shelves themselves may be of varying heights. This means that you will be able to accommodate books of various spine heights from paperback books to oversize volumes. There will also be room for ornaments, photo frames and plants. Although, if you start to fill your painted bookcase with that type of thing, you will soon need to buy another one!

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