Painted Bathroom Cabinets on Melamine Furniture

Nov 17th
Sealing Painted Bathroom Cabinets
Sealing Painted Bathroom Cabinets

Painted Bathroom Cabinets – Today we throw ourselves with the melamine furniture of the bathroom. The idea is to give a small touch of color, which serves to customize the furniture and not be so blend. The bathroom furniture is white and we want to include the green of the floor tiles. If you have ever thought of changing the look of the kitchen, the floor or the tiles, it is no longer necessary to assemble a piece of work. Now with the brush or roller and the products that have developed this mark. For each of these surfaces you can put floors, walls and furniture to your liking while you protect them.

Before removing the roller, let’s prepare the surface of the melamine furniture before get the painted bathroom cabinets. As you know, melamine is a conglomerate of wood. Which is not characterized by having a good grip. Although it is wood it is made with pieces and therefore does not have that capacity of absorption of the solid wood. To ensure that the paint can handle without problems we must pass a fine sandpaper, 100-0 200 grit, and remove all dust with a cloth. To top it off we give acetone, which will help us to degrease and remove all possible dirt. We put the tape of bodybuilder so that we can design the drawing that we are going to paint on the furniture of the bathroom. If we want something much more elaborate, we can substitute the tape for a stencil or stencil.

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Yes now! We take the roller and put the paint to decorate our bathroom furniture. We move the multi surfaces renovation decorative paint well. Because we have to make sure that the color is homogeneous and mix the components well. Before you got painted bathroom cabinets. A few weeks ago we discovered the paint stirrer and although it is a tool of enormous simplicity we believe it has tremendous utility. Its holes allow to move the painting without putting air to it and thus does not have style. One thing that, by the way, I have been asked several times. Why do bubbles come out when I paint with the roller? Or because you have dissolved the paint too much or because when you shake it has entered air.

Allow the painted bathroom cabinets to dry completely before giving the protector. If we give two layers of paint, between one and another it is necessary to leave six hours of drying. Once it is completely dry we can give the protector that has several finishes: lacquered or satin. To us we fancied the satin, which has less shine and sticking more for our bathroom furniture. And once dry we can already remove the tape of bodybuilder of the furniture of the bathroom, which we have just painted.

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