Tips How to Paint Vinyl Floor

Dec 5th
Paint Vinyl Floor Solid
Paint Vinyl Floor Solid

Paint Vinyl Floor – Progress in paint products has made it possible to paint vinyl floors. This is a cost-effective way to get a new floor when you cannot afford to replace it. Vinyl floors will not readily accept a paint product, which means you, will have to prepare it carefully before applying any paint product. The preparation includes sanding work, removing surface gloss, priming and then applying a cover layer. It is important not to omit any of these steps. A simple, quick way to change your vinyl floors is to paint them. This is also an economical way to make a change in your floors.

A popular look from 2010 is a concrete floor. You can create this look easily with paint vinyl floor and sand. Add 1/4 cup TSP (trisodium phosphate) per gallon (3.78 liters) of water. TSP is a powder detergent that removes grease, dirt, and grime from various surfaces. Mop the solution over the entire floor. Use a long-handled brush to push the solution into grooves or pattern designs on the vinyl floor. Rinse well with clean water. Allow the floor to dry before sanding. Sand the surface of the vinyl floor with the 150 grit sandpaper and a plaster sanding extender. A sanding extender has a pad attached at its end to attach the plaster sandpaper.

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Sand the surface enough to apply the liquid shine remover and give it a slightly rough feel. Creating a rough feel on the vinyl will allow the base and paint vinyl floor to set. Do not sand so hard to avoid tearing or tearing the top layer of vinyl floor. Moisten a cloth with the remover and clean the entire floor. The liquid shine remover will clean the sanding dust and remove luster from areas that could not be reached with the sandpaper. Apply painter’s tape to the lower portion of adjacent floors and tape with each other. Place plastic decks on adjacent floors and seal the edge down with painter’s tape.

The plastic protects the adjacent floors from paint vinyl floor splatters from the roller fibers and casually casts the paint too fast. Prepare the vinyl with a first layer that also seals. Uses a high-quality base paint designed to adhere to all types of surfaces. Paint a base layer around the edges of the floor with the brush and then apply a uniform solid layer over the entire surface. Allows this cover to dry overnight. Cover the vinyl floor with a layer of paint for porch or garage floor. This type of paint is made to deal with foot traffic and will withstand better on the vinyl floor.

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