Optional Decoration Paint Stencils For Walls

Apr 24th
Paint Stencils For Walls Small
Paint Stencils For Walls Small

Paint Stencils For Walls -The decorative stencils or stencils are an excellent resource for interior decoration that let you customize the walls of the house to our liking. It is a system that does not damage the walls and there is no risk that it will not look bad because it allows you to follow the chosen pattern without calculations or measurements and, if you are wrong, you can correct it by just painting again. In addition, with a single template, you can paint all the wall meters you need. The stencil is one of the most beautiful and easy to decorate walls. What we need is a drawing, a cutter and acetate, which can be some x-ray film.

We can also use many recycled materials to use as a base in which to cut shapes. To apply the paint stencils for walls technique, place the plastic on the wall, secure with tape and paint the section sealed using a roller, a sponge or a round brush. You have to be very careful that the paint does not pass to the other side so that the wall does not stain. Ideally, work with little paint on the roller, sponge or brush and apply it carefully. Before removing the acetate, let dry. The template can be repeat again and again to create a pattern. Different templates can also be use to make a design with several colors, for example, birds and branches.

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Once you have chosen the template paint stencils for walls, you have to prepare the wall on which to paint. It must be verified that the wall is clean, free of cracks, nail or pin holes, lumps or roughness so that the final result is perfect. When the wall is clean and even, you have to adjust your template to the wall using adhesive tape or body tape to fix it in the correct position. If your intention is to repeat the template several times, along with a wall, mark with a pencil where the ends will go in each repetition.

The paint must be slightly watery and the stencil tightly fastened so as not to leave the margins of the paint stencils for walls. Submerge the stencil brush (the bristles are in a circle and cut all the same at the end as a tassel) in the paint and gently tap it on a paper napkin until to eliminate excess paint. The brush should be quite dry before starting to paint. Then begin to paint the inside of the template. Gently and repeatedly tap the paintbrush inside the design to fill it completely with color.

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