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Jan 20th
Wood Paint Oak Cabinets
Wood Paint Oak Cabinets

Paint oak cabinets are frequently used in cabinets, furniture and moldings. The beautiful honey-colored, dark wood works well for many types of decor and, if properly cared for, is a long-lasting wood surface. The colors of the paint that you choose to go with the oak wood in your home can improve, showcase or mix with wood. Neutral colors can accentuate the details of wood grain in cabinets, floors and trim. Shades of light brown, white and beige add to the softness of oak. Dark neutrals, such as stone and gray, can lend a rich feel to a room trimmed or decorated with oak.

Neutral colors of light add to the bright, airy feel of a room, while dark neutrals can give it a smoker-filled appearance. Because they tend to be neutral colors without their own character, they do a good job of playing the features of their oak wood. The pastel colors, such as pale yellow and green, as well as pink and blue baby. Bring out the soft aspects of paint oak cabinets. These colors work well for achieving a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in a room with oak wood. Similar to neutral colors, pastels add to the lightness of a room and help make it feel lighter and more open. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing, though. Do not overdo the cakes, unless you are decorating a nursery.

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If you really want your oak wood trim, furniture or cabinets to stand out, go with a dark paint color. Dark brown, blueberry or forest green ads having freedom for the room and extracts the lightness of its paint oak cabinets. But the use of dark paint colors can lead to room feeling smaller and less bright. Instead of painting the entire room in a solid dark color. You can paint an accent wall in a color like navy blue or eggplant. Add the color of the paint next to your oak to pop it out.

Divert attention from the oak wood in your room by painting with bright colors. If you are going to paint the entire room, an accent wall or some pieces of wooden furniture. Bright colors like cherry red or a neon tone attract attention to color. Using brightly colored colors to distract your eye from oak is useful if you have moldings of oak. Or plant wood that you do not like but can not be replaced.

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