Wood Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

Jul 6th
Paint Kitchen Cabinets White Unique
Paint Kitchen Cabinets White Unique

Dark cabinets and cabinets can date a kitchen or make the whole room dark and dingy. Paint kitchen cabinets white to achieve a light airy feeling in the room is much easier than you might think. Paint cabinets simply require proper preparation and high quality brushes and rolls to prevent paint marks on the finished surface.


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Place drapes over the floor and any contra areas you want to protect. Remove the hinges and knobs of the cabinets with a screwdriver. Place hardware and screws in an enclosable bag and store them in a safe place. Cover a flat surface with a cloth before paint kitchen cabinets white and place cabinet doors and drawers on it. Wash the surface of the cabinet doors, drawers and frame with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Leave the cupboards dry after washing. Fill the holes for the old hardware with wooden kits using your fingers if you will replace the handles and knobs. If the new steering wheels are the same size, the existing holes can be reused. Sand wood on the box faces, doors and cabinet frame properly. Sand in some decorative cracks and trace as much as possible.

Clean the sanded surfaces with a stroke of cloth to remove abrasive dust and paint kitchen cabinets white. Apply white primer to wood surfaces with brushes or roles. Use a brush in the grooves and a roller on the flat surfaces. Allow the primer to dry for several hours. Load a clean brush with white color and spread the color in the grooves and decorative parts of doors and drawers. Use brush on those areas of the cabinet frame that cannot be reached with a roller. Pour paint into a roll tray and load a roller with a white color. The color should not feel tacky on the roll and should not drop when lifted from the tray. Roll paint on cabinet doors, drawer’s faces and cupboards. Allow the paint to dry until it is dry when touched. Apply a second layer of paint with a clean brush and roller and allow the paint to dry for several days before reinstalling the cabinets.

Tips and warnings

Use high gloss or semi-gloss color for easy cleaning. Paint can take up to 30 days to completely cure, so keep doors and drawers open and use the cabinets easily for the first few weeks to avoid labeling the new color.

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