Paint Colors for Small Rooms Ideas

Dec 5th
Paint Colors for Small Rooms White
Paint Colors for Small Rooms White

Paint colors for small rooms feel more spacious, but that does not mean that you have to stick to white when it comes to choosing colors. Some shades create a sense of openness and lighter little spaces more than white walls. Working in the same color with different shades of that color is another way to keep a small space feeling united the place is divided into blocks of color. The trick of painting small spaces is to know what shades to use with the rooms you have.

Work with nature

Blue and green are good choices paint colors for small rooms because they reflect the colors you see outside, says interior designer John Barman. Choosing a color from the outside will make the room feel as if it continues outside the windows. If you have lots of trees or greenery outside your window, a lighter shade of green will blend outdoors when the shades are open. Green is a stimulating color and it melts well with terracotta, cream and brown. Blue is another color that reflects a prominent color from the outside and it can make a small room appear light and airy. Blue can have a touch of gray or green to its base, giving you a variety of shades to work with in the interior of the room. Colors that improve blue are green, brown, white and yellow.

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A pale yellow color imparts a sense of warmth and brightens some space. Yellow is like sunshine, says interior designer Jennifer Garrigues, and this makes the rooms feel bigger. Some shades of yellow have a hint of green, which contributes to the shade of being outdoors in sunlight. Paint colors for small rooms that work best with yellow are red, green and black. Gray is a color found in the sky and the sea, which gives it an expansive quality. In the rooms, gray can reflect colors, giving the room a sense of openness. Thinking of gray often changes shades throughout the day, depending on how much light comes into the room.

Lighter shades of gray reflect light and make room feel airy and light, regardless of the side. Select red and yellow colors to complement gray tones. If you want to keep a sense of calm in the rooms, decorate with silver and white. Somehow you should feel limited to the choice of a regular color. Consider painting for walls in contrasting but free colors. Or try a mural. Whether you design and paint your own, or choose one of the many wall painting-painting kits available online, a bedroom mural will entertain and captivate all children.

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