Custom Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Feb 21st
Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets Teal
Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets Teal

Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets – Painted kitchen furniture adds a custom look if you buy them that way or they paint you. A coat of paint renews old kitchen cabinets for a low-cost makeover. Whatever your reason for painting the cabinets, color selection is an important decision. The cabinets make up a large part of the kitchen, so its color makes a big impact on the overall look of the room. White is a common color used for kitchen furniture. It gives the cabinets a clean and bright look. White cabinets make a good contrast when choosing darker countertops or wall colors. The drawer’s knobs and drawers pop out against the white cabinets allowing them to add a decorative focal point.

Whitish cabinets and cream offer a slightly different feel to the white. An anguished look at these colors creates an antique look that is the favorite of kitchen cabinets. Black is another common color for kitchen furniture. Black paint colors for kitchen cabinets create a classic and sleek look in cabinets, while sophisticated cabinets black darken the kitchen as a whole. Black is a good choice if you have a large kitchen with good lighting. A kitchen with plenty of windows allows plenty of natural light, making it a good candidate for black cabinets. Yellow is a warm color that adds a shiny look to the kitchen. The sunny nature of the color yellow can help lighten a darker kitchen and without a lot of natural light. Yellow works well with many accent colors, especially with blue and red.

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The choice of yellow for the paint colors for kitchen cabinets allows you to customize the look by pulling the other colors. You can also easily change the overall appearance of the kitchen by changing the accent colors. Better Homes and Gardens suggest a yellow butter color with an aged finish to create a Tuscan look. Red is not a typical color selection of kitchen cabinets but makes a bold statement in one of the main rooms of the house. This option is best for a homeowner looking for a distinct choice of cabinets with a vibrant look.

Red is a warm color, so the invitation of the kitchen. The combination of red and gold details adds, even more, warmth to the kitchen. A lighter worktop creates a visually interesting contrast. Depending on the surface, apply a base for wood or melamine. If you want to get a good finish on the doors, use a small paint roller. Apply two layers of your favorite paint colors for kitchen cabinets. When the first coat has completely dried, sand it with a fine grain paper and you will get a smooth and professional finish.

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