How to Paint Brick House with the Proper Way

Oct 31st
Paint Brick House Cost
Paint Brick House Cost

Paint Brick House – Houses with brick facades are painted for various reasons. When remodeling a brick house, it may be impossible to find new bricks that are the same. Painting bricks can help hide this difference. Brick houses in view in areas of the country that are particularly wet are painted to preserve the brick. Still, other houses are painted simply because the owner of the house does not like the color of the brick. Whatever the reason, painting bricks properly requires proper preparation and quality products.

The brick is a great alternative to get great paint brick house ideas. And, in many cases is preferable, particularly if the brick is in good condition. The dye restores the original brick luster. There are also many shades and brands of paint kits available in the market. Make sure the brick is clean. Remove dust, moss, and dirt with soapy water and a medium soft brush. If soapy water does not remove all dirt, use a general purpose industrial cleaner with trisodium phosphate following the instructions on the bottle. Inspect the wall, as well as the mortar between the bricks, for any damage. Any cracks, cracks or missing parts should be repaired before painting.

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Once the repairs are done and after they have completely dried, apply a quality paint brick house primer. The better the primer, the better results you will have. Using a medium plush roller, start painting at the highest point of the wall, moving down to the lowest point. Wait for this primer coat to dry and then apply a second coat. Finally, use a small brush to apply the primer to those places the roller could not reach.

It is important to make sure that all the bricks are covered by the primer. Apply the paint the same way you did when you applied the primer, using high-quality acrylic paint. Use outdoor acrylic paint for exterior walls or a product like Zinsser Watertite rustproof waterproof paint, which despite being designed for basements, works beautifully on exterior walls. Never apply primer when the area is in direct sunlight or when the temperature is high.

Working with the brush in the paint kit. Apply the paint to an analysis brick in a space that is not very noticeable to see what color it will be. Join water or pigment to the mixture to get the lighter or darker color. Do not use a roller to apply the dye. Expand the dye by moving the brush in one direction. Expose it by create a layer as thin as possible. Wait 24 hours and apply a second coat. And your paint brick house ideas will be a perfect one.

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