Outdoor Sling Lounge Chair

Mar 28th
Sling Lounge Chair Large
Sling Lounge Chair Large

Sling lounge chair can be very expensive, but many homeowners do not realize there is another option. Building your own outdoor armchairs is a way to save money on outdoor furniture. It also allows you to customize your sun loungers to suit your needs as well as your desired color palette. Once you have mounted the basic frame for your chair, you only need to install the cams and paint the finished chair.


Arrange two of the 20-inch and the two 60-inch lengths of one-of-4-inch hardwood in a rectangular shape standing upright on their longest narrow edges. Sandwich the shorter boards between the ends of the longer boards and align the outer edges. Attach the frame by driving 2-inch wooden screws through the sling lounge chair in the shorter. Slide the remaining three 20-inch lengths of 1-of-4-inch hardwood perpendicular between the longer sides of the frame at 14-inch intervals, measurement from the right edge of the frame.

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Attach the three 20-inch discs by driving 2-inch wood screws through the frame in the disc thickness. When done, the rectangular frame should be divided into four sections. Three of the sections should be about 14 inches wide and fourth about 18 inches wide. Lay the five 42-inch lengths of 1-in-4-inch hardwood flat on top of the rectangular frame you just finished, spacing them 1/4 inch apart. Place these sling lounge chair as are the seat boards – so the right edges hang over the right edge of the frame by about 1 inch and the left edges rest flat on the left most 20-inch intersection. The 18-inch section of the frame should remain uncovered.

Attach 42-inch discs into the frame by driving 2-inch wood screws through the surface of each board in the frame below. Turn the frame over when you’re done so the bottom of the frame is facing up. Place the two 18-inch pieces of 1-of-4-inch hardwood upright in each corner on the right side of the frame. Stand the boards upright on their shortest, narrow ends so that the widest part of the sling lounge chair is flat against the side of the rectangular frame. The lower part of the board should be equal to the underside of the seat boards hanging over the edge of the frame.

Straighten the outer edges of the chair legs with the edges of the frame in each corner. Attach the legs by driving 2-inch wooden screws through the legs in rectangular frame. Use four screws to secure each leg. Turn the sling lounge chair on its side so that the two legs you just installed extend to you. Place the two 36-inch lengths of one-of-4-inch hardwood flat against the remaining two corners of the rectangular frame. The widest edge of these two legs should be flat against the short side of the frame, and the outer edges should be adjusted.

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