Outdoor Hennessy Hammock Underquilt

Feb 13th
Hennessy Hammock Underquilt Types
Hennessy Hammock Underquilt Types

Hennessy Hammock Underquilt – Relaxation in an outdoor rope hammock can be one of the best ways to spend an afternoon of leisure. Hammocks traditionally hang between two trees or between a tree and another fixed stand, such as a wooden pole. For safety, the hammer mounting bolt must be fully drill through the tree trunk. Any other rigging may slip, causing possible injury. Buy weighted lozenges for a weight at least equal to the people who are going to use the hammock. For example, a hammock design for two people should be use with the hardware to sort by their combined weight.

There are few more comfortable ways to spend the night or afternoon than in a hennessy hammock underquilt, as long as the weather is warm. Once it falls below 70 degrees F, however, that sleep-free swing can turn into a nightmare of cold. Hammocks do not provide insulation and will feel cold even on most summer nights, much less in the fall or winter. You can waterproof your hammock with an improvised underquilt, made of an old sleeping bag that will pass directly underneath you and keep the cool air from traveling through the hammock. Completely unzip the sleeping bag so that it is flat. Fold the right and left sides inward until they are in the middle.

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Cut the ribbon into four 6-inch lengths. Fold one of the 6-inch ribbons in half, and place it in one of the new corners of the sleeping bag. Sew the loop for the sleeping bag, and repeat for the other three corners. Hang ridge from your hennessy hammock underquilt between two trees. Loop a 6-inch loop of paracord through itself twice at one end of the ridge, forming what is known as a Prusik knot. Pull the knot tight, leaving a small loop hanging from the ridge. Do the same with a second loop at the other end of the line. Measure the distance between the two shafts or between a shaft and another fixed support. Many hammocks are design for a maximum of 15 feet between connecting points.

This will determine if you can install the hennessy hammock underquilt on any particular pair of trees or other combination of supports. Mark a point on the tree on which the hammock is attach, ensuring the point of attachment is at least 5 1/2 feet from the ground. Depending on the construction of your particular hammock, you may want to mark the highest point on the tree to allow for the sinking of the hammock ropes over time. Drill a hole laterally through the trunk of a tree with a drill bit large enough to accommodate the ring bolt. Extra-long drills are available in hardware stores.

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