Natural Wicker Paint Ideas

Jan 18th
Natural Wicker Paint Wide
Natural Wicker Paint Wide

Wicker is a natural material in some way for centuries of cultures all over the world. Now most commonly thought for outdoor furniture and decorative baskets with natural wicker paint, the basic woven shape can be embellished in many ways to put more interest. Begin with a few yards-sale braided bargains and experiment with the dying fiber or attach new features to put your personal touch on this old favorite.


Color your braided baskets or chairs with a waterproof lacquer in blue or yellow natural wicker paint. Apply a layer of finished sealant to protect the project. Hot glue natural items to a basket to give an old basket a new rustic look. Thanks for bent grapevine or twigs to the handle or edge of the basket or use strips of nails along the sides to give it a new look. Add a little “bling” by applying colorful rhinestones along the edge of a braided mirror or picture frame to give it a more festive look. Use a “super” glue adhesive for quick drying and permanent fastening. Add a metallic element to dress up wicker table pads or baskets. Wrap baskets with copper or black wire to lay rolls and swirl. Wicker table tablets will look more modern when you wrap the edges with colored thread; you get to the craft shop.

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Embellish an indoor sun room chair with natural wicker paint and campy since flowers bloom. Hot glue side daisies and sunflowers on the backside the top edge of a basket stool to add a pop without compromising the comfort of the chair. Dye old blue jeans in pastel colors. Rip into long strips about an inch wide, then braid. Stick with warm glue along the edge of a basket to add a country’s chic charm. Buy some metal braided French and tassels from your local sewing or fabric store and hit an old basketball picnic basket in a fancy accessory to keep everything from TV remote controls to sewing projects neatly throughout the house. Use hot glue to attach.

Tips and warnings

Use fabric dye to color your wicker easily. Dilute the fabric dye indicated on the package, then immerse in the bucket dye to quickly cover. Allow drip to dry outside or on a wire shelf, and then dip again until the desired color is reached. Buy your know at secondhand stores and farm sales. Braided baskets are plenty in the secondary markets, so buy cheap and decorate make cheap gifts for friends and family. Do not place stained baskets outdoors until they have been treated with a clear sealant to protect your project and surrounding surfaces.

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