Natural Southwestern Home Decor

Dec 1st
Traditional Southwestern Home Decor
Traditional Southwestern Home Decor

Naturally dyed and hand-woven Zapata rugs, mats, pillows, tablecloths and more add to the elegance southwestern home decor. Natural colors, though varied and bright, southwest fit well with decor that is based on soil and tends towards the natural. Zapata weaving is done in Mexico. The sheep wool and looms were brought by the Spaniards in Europe. The native people of the area had a tradition of weaving before that.

The area of ​​Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca is where the rug making world renowned originated and continues. Zapata weavers, as Navajo weavers, take the wool from their flocks; it cleaned and dyed with natural dyes. These dyes are often selected from insects, minerals and local plants. Then the wool is spun. When you buy a Zapata for southwestern home decor rug colors look natural dye. There are some weavers synthetic yarns used today.

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As you shop for southwestern home decor, you will find a difference in the quality of fabrics. Make sure the one you buy is woolen of the lines are straight and the colors are natural. If you look at many tissues, you begin to see the difference between a fine weaving and knitting a simple, low cost.

Southwestern Home Decor

Colors of southwestern home decor interiors represent the wide range of nuances that exist in the desert landscape. Red is the symbol of power and life of the Indians of the Southwest. It symbolizes the land of red, the vital fire hues of brilliant sunsets and red chilies. For home designs southwest, particularly contains more earthy red oxide, burnt orange and red-brown and is commonly used for accents. Fabrics, artwork and pillows containing red easily add to your decor southwest.

Delicate lacquered furniture has no place in a room at Native American style. Choose furniture that rustic look, like a great endorsement of light wood. A simple chest of drawers and bedside tables more simple get better. If you do not want to leave your wood furniture with its natural color, consider paint and age them to create southwestern home decor

Choose wooden tiles, stone or terracotta, if you are replacing your floor. If you prefer a carpet, choose a neutral color to add interest carpets. Buy wooden furniture with a light to medium tone or work with what you have to create southwestern home decor. If you already have dark furniture, consider refinishing, if your furniture is white, can be painted brown.

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