Mink Paint Color New Trend 2017

May 11th
Mink Paint Color Style
Mink Paint Color Style

Mink Paint Color – Some translate it as mole gray, but the most accurate color version is that of mink tone. Is a grizzle brown, with different tones of intensity as more or less predominates the use of white or gray in the composition. Wherever you apply it gives an immediate feeling of elegant sobriety, so it is versatile and suitable for all types of environments. This image allows appreciating the difference of tones in a very decorative element of the bedroom: the back of the bed. It is upholstered with a velvet-colored mink, on a gray mole wall. The result is spectacular and refine and is power much more with the white of the bedding.

Mink paint color is so versatile that it can be combine with different types of tones, coatings, and textures. So it was done with this decorative resource that consists of painting a single wall in dark tone and the rest of white. For the floor was choose similar marble porcelain in shades of beige and brown. The taupe or mink is an indefinite color with notes of gray, brown, beige and pink. It even usually has some flashes of green. Being a neutral color form by several colors admits being combine with other shades with spectacular results. The most refined combinations are give with break white, sand or chocolate.

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In this living room, we opted for the mink paint color for only one of the walls. On which was also place a painting and a mural with an inspiring text. The decoration also includes an iconographic chrome arch lamp and a dramatic rug in shredded white shaggy hair and ring-shaped reliefs. The taupe also comes to the velvety upholstery of this armchair with three bodies. Geometric line and comfortable cushions scattered throughout. It was complement by a long-pile gray carpet, light parquet floor, and a wholly white structural box. This dark and mysterious living room has a magnetic charm that invites you to sit and enjoy a good time.

The mink paint color for the main wall was choose. On which was place a work of art-sculpture with a weft of threads. A three-seat armchair with stamp cushions and a large, long-pile off-white carpet was place. This colored mink wall acts as a boundary between the kitchen and the dining room. It has a comfortable sliding door and a strategically located beam of light that creates in the wall magnetic spectra of lights and shadows. The gray mosaic floor and the wooden furniture combine perfectly with this trendy color. The trendy color for 2017 is also present on this floor.

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