Choosing Milk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Nov 15th
Milk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Hardware
Milk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Hardware

When choosing a neutral color, milk paint kitchen cabinets can think first. However, gray may be more suitable to match with cool tones. Milk kitchen shutters are a suitable alternative for rooms that contain chrome appliances, pale marble worktops or slate tiles. With options ranging from the pale silver to an almost-black shadow, it will surely be a color that fits all the decorations. Glossy finish has a polished look, while satin colors give a gentle shine.


Place a tape strip on all surfaces that are adjacent to the milk paint kitchen cabinets. Cover the floor and other exposed surfaces with a cloth. Remove any boxes by pushing them out of their tracks. Screw box drawer, door handle and hinge. Set the doors and drawers aside on the cloth. Roll paint on the central panel of each door and drawer. Brush the paint with a flat brush. Apply the paint to the trimmed trim with an angled brush. Roll the color of the frame around the center panel. Brush the paint with your larger brush. Use soft, sweeping features in the same direction as the wood fibers.

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Milk paint kitchen cabinets a door or drawer at a time. Set them aside to dry. Roll paint on the frame of the cabinet. Apply the paint around the edges with an angled brush. Smooth the rolled surface with a flat brush. Brush to the section you just painted to hide your brush strokes. Follow the manufacturer’s direction to see how much time it will take for the cabinet to dry. Wait until it is completely dry before replacing the hardware on doors and drawers. Milk paint kitchen cabinets are often in focus in the room. In fact, cabinets are usually among the first things you notice when you enter a kitchen.  Whether your cabinets are outdated, the color is chipping or if you just want to spice up the room, you can paint kitchen shutters in color to brighten up the space.

Give your kitchen a whole new look by adding some color to the cabinets with a fresh layer of color. You do not need to hire a professional to do the job. You can paint kitchen shutters yourself, and achieve the same results. Empty the cabinet and clean the worktops milk paint kitchen cabinets. Remove the drawers from the cabinet and remove the doors. Remove any removable shelves from the inside of the cabinets. Remove hardware from doors and drawers. Lay the gaps, drawers and shelves on a solid surface covered with plastic. Use a sponge dipped in the solution to thoroughly clean the cabinets, doors and drawers to remove grease, dirt and soot. Wipe over the cabinet with a cloth and plain water to remove the cleaning solution and allow the cabinet air to dry completely.

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