Make a Miniature Paper Beach Chair with Canopy

Dec 20th
Zero Gravity Beach Chair With Canopy
Zero Gravity Beach Chair With Canopy

Beach chair with canopy – Making beach chair with canopy from paper, especially corrugated board, is very possible. The biggest drawback to paper furniture is that it is not as long lasting as wood furniture. Even with little care, your paper beach chair with canopy could easily hold through a whole summer. Firstly, draw a template for your beach chair with canopy on a 1/4-inch sheet of plywood. Keep it simple. An “L” shape is an excellent choice. Draw “L” full-size form on plywood. The bottom of your chair should be at least 5 inches tall. With the bottom leg of the “L” at least 16 inches long.

And the back of an “L” at least 18 inches high and 4 inches thick. Your template must be the exact size and shape of your beach chair with canopy, as seen directly from the side. Second, cut the template using your bayonet saw. Third, make a stack of sheets of cardboard as high as the width of your finished chair. Place the template on top of the stack. Use your big C clamps to hold the entire stack together. Fourth, cut around your template with your stick saw. This will result in a stack of cardboard pieces, all in the “L” form of your chair. Place the pieces upright with base in “L” on the floor and back of an “L” upright. Also place the pieces at the top of chair; this will be the frame of canopy.

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You will see how your paper beach chair with canopy is going to look. Fifth, remove C-clips and remove the plywood template. Spread white glue between the individual sheets of cardboard, and then stack them on their side. Place a heavy object on top of the stack and let the glue dry overnight. Sixth, drill four holes through the cardboard chair from one side to the other. Place the holes to maximum strength, and then insert the long bolt with slices. Lock the nuts so that all sheets of cardboard are held together even firmer than before. Use your striker to cut excess length of bolts. Turn the chair upright.

Seventh, cover the back and seat and top of the beach chair with canopy with a layer of cardboard. So your chair has a “finished” look to it. Attach the final piece of cardboard with white glue and let them dry overnight. Last, paint whole chair with polyurethane. Allow to dry. Paint on another layer. When dry, your paper beach chair with canopy will be sturdy and waterproof. Good advice and warnings; when your C-clamp breaks down cardboard do not over-tighten the clamps. You can shrink cardboard and weaken it. Similarly, when tight nuts on the long bolt do not over-tighten them.

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