Make a Cat Hammock with Hardly any Materials

Jul 5th
Window Cat Hammock
Window Cat Hammock

Cat hammock – Prepare all the materials you need. In this way you will not miss any. They are, an old sweater; some imperils, there is no fixed amount, with a box of those who sell in multispecies will suffice; scissors. Starting with put the sweater under the table to start. The collar of the sweater should be in the center just in front of you. While the sleeves should be stretched to the right and left ends. Then, connect the sleeves of the sweater with safety pins between the glass and the bar.

Next steps to make cat hammock is, pull the sweater down so that it is as close as possible to the other side of the table. Depending on the type of table you will have to do it one way or another. If your table has a bar: simply attach the sleeves by the cuffs with safety pins. Start at both ends and then carefully put some more to reinforce. If your table does not have a bar, simply fold the sleeve around itself. Over the leg, and attach it with several safety pins after tying it. You can even cut the sleeve in two, without separating it from the jersey.

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These to make it easier to create the knot. After that, cut just the center of the right and left side of the sweater for the cat hammock. As if you were cutting the sweater in half but do not cut it at all, a few inches will suffice. Grab the sweater well and cut back a few inches into the sweater in a straight line. That is, by grasping the jersey you will cut perpendicular to the anterior cut but more towards the center. This will leave two strips of the jersey that you can tie to the table. Look at the picture if you have any questions. Repeat the procedure with the other end. And then, attach one end to a leg or table top and reinforce it with safety pins.

Repeat with the other end of the sweater. Finish your craft by taking a picture with your pet to have a nice memory of it. You already have your cat hammock for lazy but cat lovers. Tips: If you see that the jersey touches the floor too much, only cut the strips longer to tie more fabric and make it taller. You can also pull more of the sleeves to raise the hammock more. Warning: Are you underage? So, ask your parents to help you with the safety pins. As it depends on the thickness of the fabric you can do damage trying to hook them.

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