How Lubricate Sliding Interior Barn Doors

Oct 5th
Wooden Sliding Interior Barn Doors
Wooden Sliding Interior Barn Doors

Sliding interior barn doors – Sliding rail or barn door, door hangers are used in large spaces to separate industrial buildings and in the main entrances in many rural offices. They require little maintenance. This hardware is installed correctly, can last generations.  Remove the cap on the end of the runway. Typical door stops are bolted to the wall at the end of the runway or bolted to the bottom and rest on the track itself. Use a solid ladder to reach the track. Remove the bolts with a wrench and set aside any fasteners must be reinstalled.

Stretch the door with an aide, through the open end created on the slider. Keep supported the leading edge and the trailing edge Gently lower. Place the door in a pair of trestles to allow access to the rollers at the top of the sliding interior barn doors. Run a hose to the top of the ladder with a pressure nozzle and spray out of the track roller to remove any dust or dirt.

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Sprinkle the rolls with pressure nozzles to remove any dirt or debris that can gum up the wheels for sliding interior barn doors. Turn wheels to check the easy rotation. Aerosol spray oil on any pervasive feeling resistant wheels. Check the axle bolts and tighten down any loose nuts wrench. Apply a layer of white fat inside each wheel against the tree. Package with a cotton swab.

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