Long-lasting Gravity Balans Chair Review

Jul 3rd
Varier Gravity Balans Chair Review
Varier Gravity Balans Chair Review

Gravity Balans Chair – This chair seems like a melon-busting death trap. In reality, the Gravity Balans from Variér Furniture is far less bad and cranium breaking. Though it’s not the newest item of appointments to hit the intersection. We would hear a great deal about its ergonomic interests. And chose to give it a spin in our search to find the perfect lounging chair.

Breaking open the box published one of our worst fears: two Allen wrenches, a bunch of boards and screws. And a page of roughly drawn instructions. The two-man arrangement (one to read the manual construction, the other to awkwardly execute) was complete in a little over 20 minutes, having us placed in front of the TV in no time.

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To be fair, the Gravity balans chair isn’t truly a rocking chair; instead of resting in one position and rocking back and forth. It’s intended to rest in one of its three positions. The upright position matched that of a stiff office chair. Taking us into the schoolmarmishly fit posture. This position proved helpful for activities like movie watching or gaming. Though we felt the necessity for a little slouchy room after about an hour.

The next point was a very basic 3/4 position suggestive of a traditional recliner. As a whole, this middle position ends up to the sweet spot for luxury and utility. The final position (which is what gives the chair it’s namesake) rests all the way back on the rear of the slats. That creates a strangely floaty, fully-lied sitting position. Once we got over the primary fear of death (roughly 10 minutes), we fell in love with this Gravity balans chair. It actually provides the wet weightless feeling of a hammock with the back and leg comfort of a proper chair. Even subtle actions like sneezing or even a heavy sigh make the entire thing smoothly bounce in response. It’s a completely alien, yet surprisingly relaxed experience (as far as sitting goes).

Still, we have to be practical. Even with all this zero-G consideration, we had to start at the price. We love sitting around and sleeping on the job. As much as the next cheat, but the low-four-digit rate makes our beds, which we sleep on nightly for eight hours, seem like a much better investment. If you’ve got the funds lying around and like yourself a nap master, it’s worth it. Otherwise, we’d suggest bypassing the Gravity balans chair and choosing a chair that’s much more useful for you.

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