5 Tips for Living Room Paint Colors

Dec 7th
Yellow Living Room Paint Colors
Yellow Living Room Paint Colors

There are many who think of wall living room paint colors. But the most important thing is to find a color that you are comfortable with. To find a color that works well in the room, it may be worth considering the following factors. The first is room function. What should you actually use the room for? Is there an activity room for the whole family or is it more a room for quiet moments? Is it a room you stay in for a long time? Or does the living room come into use? Is the room mainly for the adults, the kids or the youth? A room with a high activity level can allowed more energetic and strong colors than rooms we seek rooms and recreation in.

And a room we do not spend so much time in may have stronger colors than the main rooms. A color that is a breath of fresh air in one room can quickly become tiresome in another. Second, room size; here you should think about what you want to achieve with the room? Dark living room paint colors allow the room to contract, while bright living room paint colors make the room stand out. What do you want to achieve – Is the room closing around like an intimate cave, or do you want to shrink a room you experience as too big and desolate? Ask smedal. If so, you should go for the darker wall colors.

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Third, location of the room; where the living room is in relation to the sun should also taken into account before the color scheme is taken. North-facing rooms can be sun and warm with bright colors from the warm part of the color circle. Yellow-green, yellow and red-yellow living room paint colors have a touch of sunshine and can be beautiful in these rooms. In a south-facing room, a cooler color scheme may favor freshness in the room. Here you can benefit more from blue and green than yellow and red. This is by no means fixed rules – just a general consideration. “On the contrary,” can make a good result without being “wrong”, Smedal adds.

Fourth, the room’s use of materials; Different materials in the room can in themselves give the room a character. If there are a lot of bricks, slate, different woods, steel or the like, it will obviously affect the living room paint colors. If material choices are important for the structure of the room, it may be good to calm down the painted or wallpapered surfaces in unclean or slightly colored colors. Fifth, the room in relation to the whole; for some, it is important that the house / apartment are experience as a whole. Where related colors bind the rooms together. Others seek stimulation in greater variety, where the colors give new experiences from room to room. The experts’ request is therefore to think “what is important to us?”

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