Have Freshly Large Wall Paintings

Aug 31st
Wall Art Large Wall Paintings
Wall Art Large Wall Paintings

There are many elements in which I look, such as the visibility, the access, the surface of the wall and the colony in which it is. The main variables are usually visibility and surface. Ideally you want the wall to be seen by many people and make it easy to large wall paintings. Corrugated metal or walls with many obstacles such as external pipes and cables are not the best surfaces to paint. However, everything is subjective. Some artists love to paint on such walls because they lend themselves to specific jobs and the ability to play with these structures of buildings.

Our method is to walk to the front door and ask to speak with the owner. If you are lucky, getting to the owner is easy. Other times it is very difficult to find. Reviewing tax records, search web pages and public databases can also help. It would not be a bad thing to call or email and see what happens next. If the wall is of the state then it will be a little more difficult and there will be more things to do. Finding the owner of the wall can be one of many steps. If access to the large wall paintings is through another place, then you will need to find the owner of that other place.

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Sometimes you need permission from many places, such as the owner of the wall, the owner of the business, the owner of the land, the owner of the house next door that will allow you access, and even the person renting the parking spaces that are in front of the wall. This process is not easy and takes time. But adding art to the colony can be a rewarding experience.

Some owners are very open and support the art. They welcome you with open arms. Others need you to convince them a bit and have their own misunderstandings about public art. He is seen as a plague of the colony and a means to attract crime to his building. It does exactly the opposite, but it takes time to educate them and change their point of view. Sometimes I offer to paint the mural if they do not like it. At the end of the day, they are the ones who will have a nice mural or freshly large wall paintings. It is a win-win situation for them.  They always like the mural and keep it for years.

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