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Khaki paint color – Navy blue and khaki colors are timeless and can be combined in a variety of ways to paint a room. These two colors together can look nautical and classic, and can work for homes in almost all climates. You can use different painting techniques to combine two colors and create a timeless look. Painting stripes in a room is an easy way to combine navy blue and khaki and create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. Painting horizontal stripes help make a narrow room feel more spacious, while painting Slash can make the room appear taller. It is best to stick to a direction of the line of what the eye does not become too busy.

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To create stripes, measure the wall and mark the width of the desired band with a pencil.

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Khaki paint color in the background and let it dry. Striping Tape used by painters tape and paint the navy. This will ensure clean and straight lines for your stripes. An accent wall gives interest and focus to a wall in a special room, and combines two colors to create a color scheme. To create an accent wall, choose either khaki or navy to be used for the main color and paint all but one of the walls. Use the other color to paint the accent wall.

Stenciling a decorative pattern or border in a room is a creative way to incorporate both the Navy and khaki blue. As colors give a French twist nautical or classical, a stencil or nautical-themed French lis flower will unite the theme of colors provided. Employers also can be painted by hand, either in the navy or khaki paint color of blue wall. Use lighter shades of each color to create a softer contrast. In accent wall khaki, use a lighter shade of khaki color to paint a design on the wall.