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Interior bifold doors – Add bifold doors can be home not only completely transform your living space, but it can add value to the sales price as well. The folding doors of old often bring a lot of problems for the user. They are difficult to use, very versatile, not short and escaped. Fortunately, technology has advanced and modern bifolding doors much better than past designs. Wooden double doors in the past will cause problems such as sticking doors, door to rot, mold grew and frame are crooked and out of form. Due to the nature of the changes in temperature cause the wood to warp and bend wood.

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Currently, wood is divided into pieces, placed so that the grains run against each other, and then glued together again high pressure on interior bifold doors. This process is known as lamination and prevents the frame changes shape when exposed to changes in temperature. Then there are laminate, timber frame and then handled carefully anti fungal and anti-fouling, in order to avoid problems caused by exposure to water. Modern designs include the penetration of water in the frame, which prevents water and condensation from building up internally. Aluminium bifold doors to the past will be vulnerable to often unaccounted for condensation.

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The modern aluminium bifold door thermally broken increase energy and reduce the formation of condensation. Interior bifold doors are the best of modern technology. Cheaper than other types of folding doors, frames provides the occurrence of condensation, energy-efficient and flexible functions corresponding to many different situations. Easy-to-maintain offers a modern look for the home to be smartening profile. Bifolding doors made of two different materials dressed. The main frame is usually the strongest mater and usually relates to the external environment, for strength and stability.