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Dec 23rd
Small Glass Block Windows
Small Glass Block Windows

The glass block windows usually come in units of 8 “by 8” (20.32 x 20.32 centimeters) so that they can be set to traditional concrete blocks. These are hollow, but still surprisingly heavy. Modern units are made of acrylic and therefore are lighter. While traditional glass blocks are individually placed, like bricks, no models currently available to actually come pre-assembled in the form of window. These can be installed in the same way as a traditional window, and require no specific masonry skill.

The most common benefit of glass block windows is the measure of the privacy they offer while allowing light to enter a room. Also, since they are much thicker than most of the glass, they are more durable type of window available. They are incredibly resistant to vandalism and intentional break, so they are a safe choice even for areas not monitored.

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There are many different options to consider when choosing glass block windows. The materials range from solid to hollow glass and acrylic, acrylic being the lightest and most affordable. Polarized versions are also available, and different textures and finishes are offered as well. For houses, blocks of glass prints are a great decorative option, while blocks dotted surfaces help provide privacy for commercial applications.

Techniques to Place Glass Block Windows

The glass blocks are a great way to make windows or improve areas of a home, especially the basement. To place these blocks a pair of main techniques are needed. Before choosing a technique, you need to find out some things about the area in which you are going to place the glass blocks. You need to measure the opening because it is more likely for those of 2.3 m2 use a different technique to that of opening that more space. It is also important if new construction or are remodeling. This will change the type of structure that will build for glass block windows.

The first option can be used in spaces of 2.3 m2 or less. This is when a glass block windows is independent panel or is built on a system of frames vinyl or metal. This is always enclosed on four sides. The system structural panel or by a manufacturer is normally done, saving considerable time and money.

The second option is to simply place the glass block windows one over another within an opening. These are not supported on all four sides, but instead are anchored together. This method also uses the reinforcing panel. This is generally more difficult and expensive to hire a worker to do so.

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