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Jul 18th
remodel Double Curtain Rod image
remodel Double Curtain Rod image

On this occasion, we are going to show you a simple way to put a double curtain rod. In this way we dress a window with curtains and blinds. When we want to dress up a window with curtains and blinds, we need two bars. If the media does not have a second bar supported on the market have duplicate accessories that allow us in a very simple way.

Step by step to place a double curtain rod.  First, place a simple bar, in this case, on the wall. For that, we measure and mark the exact spot of the supports. The fasteners that we will install are extensible, so get rid of the shutter box smoothly. The next step is to do the fixing holes in the wall, drill position percussion and tungsten carbide drill of appropriate diameter.

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When we adjusted the leg extension, we introduce plastic adapters to place another bar and put the clamps on the bases. We can now introduce the curtain on the first bar and fit the latter in brackets. Do the same with the curtains and install the other bar on the adapters. Thus so easy and quick, we double curtain rod, without putting other media on wall or ceiling

Double Curtain Rod Ideas

When you have windows in the corners, you will need double curtain rod covering the corners. Connects the bar with brackets on each side of the corner and one or two brackets in the middle. With a secure attachment, support brackets curtain rods corner and hold a style beautiful and attractive. Instructions, Determines the location of the supports for the rod to measure about 3 or 4 inches on the top of the window with tape. Draw with pencil marks to install a bracket on the right corner, one on the left and a third.

Install the brackets to put the structure that are on the wall above brands. Screw the mounting structure next to the bar. Mount the rod before attaching the brackets. Monte caps the ends of the bar, pressing firmly in place. Place both double curtain rod together with the corner connector, inserting one end of the connector on the right bar and the other end of the connector on the left bar. Push the connector firmly in place until it clicks.

Put the double curtain rod in the mounted, evenly sliding along the bar. One bar to the brackets by adjusting the tips of the teeth in the brackets. The brackets inside corner support just below the bar without breaking into place.

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