How to Room Darkening Curtains

Feb 6th
Room Darkening Curtains Style
Room Darkening Curtains Style

The curtains give a decorative charm to any room, but can also serve a functional purpose. The curtains can provide privacy, block light and can isolate a room from heat or cold. Often the selection of this type of curtains is limited, so this article will explain how obscure any shade you have. The fabric to room darkening curtains can be purchased at a fabric store and have a variety of options available depending on how you dare want your curtains.

Supports the curtain panels face down on a flat surface. Cutting blade using stitches, carefully remove the stitches from both sides and the bottom of the curtain. Be sure to leave the stitches in the upper part intact. Measure a piece of fabric using the measurements you just took the room darkening curtains. Cut the fabric and fabric supports on the inside cover curtain panel that is upside down.

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Fold carefully both the curtain as the inner cover on the back of the room darkening curtains to recreate the original seam. Pins used to hold the fabric in place. Repeat this on both sides and at the bottom of the curtain. On top of itself, adheres inner cover fabric along the seam directly under the section where the rod passes.

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