How to Reupholster Folding Table and Chairs

Apr 17th
Folding Table and Chairs White
Folding Table and Chairs White

Folding table and chairs come in handy when you have a party or some extra people for dinner. They also make big chairs for the little ones to sit on when they do crafts and you do not want color and glue on your good dining chairs. But sometimes they get so badly colored and sticky you cannot use them for the company anymore. Reupholstering these chairs is easy and cheap way to get them back into use. Anyone can do this project with just a little time and some material.


Remove the old seat or pillow from the chair. Some folding table and chairs have seats that can be removed completely and others are covered right over the frame. If you remove the entire seat, remove the covering and possibly foam from the base piece. Cut foam to the size of the base and place it on the base. It is best not to glue the foam to the base if you need to replace it again in the future. Cut a piece of vinyl 2 inches larger than the base, all the way around. Do this for each chair.

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Place vinyl over the foam and turn assembly up and down. Spray or paint on vinyl glue to base, pull one side over and stick to the glue. Put a staple in the middle of that page to hold it in place while working with the rest of the vinyl. Pull the other side over tight and hold it to the base glue. Repeat this step on the front and back as well. Now work around with the adhesive gun, pull vinyl tight and staple. If you cover the entire frame of the chair, do it the same way, except to put the chair upside down on another chair so it’s easy to reach.

Take cover and foam on the back of the folding table and chairs. Normally the back of the chair pad is only under a pair of bars in the back. Measure around the bars and add 3 inches to the length and 1 inch to the width. Put vinyl glue on the sides of vinyl and fold over 1/2 inch on each side. Press down until the glue gets attached. Do the same with the top and bottom of vinyl. Glue the foam back on the back of the chair to keep it from moving when you lay vinyl over it. Wrap the vinyl over the foam and around the posts in the chair back. Put glue on the ends of piece of vinyl. Pull it hard and have it meet on the bottom where you will not see the seam. Press and hold until the glue begins to apply.

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