How To Remove Linoleum Flooring Tiles

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Linoleum flooring tiles – Linoleum is a simple tile substance use because of its variety of designs and easy cutting. Linoleum tiles can clean thoroughly and not harbor microbes, making it suitable for areas that need to be clean, such as hospitals. Old linoleum may need to remove to make room for new tiles. If the tile was installed before 1980 may contain asbestos tiles. Do not remove the asbestos tile itself; It is very dangerous and can cause health problems in the long term.

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Then, put on safety glasses and work gloves to protect your hands and eyes. Also insert a Dremel piece into your hammer drill. Dremel piece should have a flat edge to it. Place the drill bit and 45-degree angle to the linoleum flooring tiles, with the edge of the piece introduced in the seam of the plate.

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Press the trigger on the hammer drill to activate bit operation. Hold the piece against the linoleum flooring tiles as the tiles come up to remove it completely. Continue moving the drill on the floor to remove all the tiles. Place the plates in garbage bag and dispose of according to the guidelines of local waste.