How to Paint Leopard Wall Decor

Feb 29th
Leopard Wall Decor Image
Leopard Wall Decor Image

You can use a leopard print to decorate almost anything from clothes to a baby room. The leopard print is a fun and daring design that can turn cabinet or common walls into something that exude style and drama. Although you can cover most surfaces with leopard print fabric, you can also paint these spots yourself. Also paint is suitable for large areas or you cannot put cloth over them. There are a variety of techniques you can use to add leopard wall decor.

Buy stencil of repeated leopard wall decor spots in a shop arts and crafts pattern. Use black or dark brown paint to outline the stain; beam as thick or thin as you like edge. Use a lighter color such as light brown or tan, to fill the center of the spots. Cut a marine sponge to create leopard spots.

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Paint stains freehand, embedding a small brush in black or dark brown paint to create the edge of the spots. Choose a brush size that achieves the spots you want. The leopard wall decor spots are usually imperfect circles; Circle parts protrude more than others, or circle may seem a triangle smoothed corners. Use your imagination to create forms of spots, or view the picture of a leopard for inspiration.

Leopard Wall Decor Design

Leopard wall decor – Leopard design generates a daring touch in a room decorated with muted colors. Leopard design will give emphasis to a decorated room that is decorated with bright and bold designed to create a wild and carefree atmosphere colors. If you make the decision to decorate your room, be careful, perhaps only suits you decorate a wall or a section of it and then paint it whole in case you liked the result.  Leopard wall decor is clear and inescapable. This is best done slowly rather than doing all the work at once.

Paint the wall paint base. It comes just as you would any wall you’re thinking of painting. Cover the floor with canvas, paints the open space in the center of the wall with a roller, then paints the outer edges of the wall with a brush. Apply the layers until they look evenly. Wait until the wall paint to dry before the next step. Painting the wall with a golden color base paint. Draw a series of stains on the wall with a pencil. Fill in the points with a darker gold color. Uses a smaller than that used to paint the wall of gold, approximately half the size of the other brush. Draw black dots with thick and irregular lines. Let the paint dry leopard wall decor design overnight.

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