How To Install Modern Area Rug

Jan 6th
Modern Area Rugs Wool
Modern Area Rugs Wool

Modern Area Rug – Tack strip, also known as strips without rivets or pulls the rug, made possible the modern carpet wall to wall we take for granted today. Although the carpet full coverage is occasionally used, it is set at the edges with upholstery tacks, which is why modern carpet strip sometimes called “without rivets.” Pull the carpet is easy to use on a hardwood floor, but with many homes now built on a concrete slab, it is not uncommon to face the possibility of installing the tablet on a cement floor.

Instructions: 1. Scrape the floor with a floor scraper and sweep around the walls with a broom to provide a clean, smooth surface for installing modern area rug strips. 2. Place the strip of carpet around the room along the walls, with the pins pointing toward the wall. Space out from the wall a distance equal to 2/3 of the thickness of the carpet. Follow the contours of the wall exactly, each piece cut to length with scissors. 3. Driving each nail with a single blow well centered with the hammer. Sideswipe a concrete break, instead of penetrating and paste. Use at least two nails in the section of the modern area rug strip. Some tack strips have built in masonry nails.

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