Hot Tub Hammock Design

Dec 8th
Hot Tub Hammock Wide
Hot Tub Hammock Wide

Hot tub hammock – You can build a room that’s open to the outdoors, so you can enjoy the spacious feel of Mother Nature, but have more privacy as well. You can design a hot tub hammock room around these ideas.


Measure the area that you can enable your hot tub hammock and surrounding areas storage. Sketch a plan of checked paper to see how much actual space the hot tub itself will pick up. Do not forget to bring room for one step stools bolted into the floor to enter the bathtub. Plan for doors to open outwards if there is enough space. Otherwise, storage cabinets plan with sliding doors to save space. If you have enough space, install glass shelves in some areas of the hot tub room. Plan wiring, sockets and fixtures that will be needed.

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Use wall materials and paint that resists moisture. There are some types of plaster that are highly moisture-resistant. You will want to keep down the mold in a hot tub hammock room. If possible, build the ceiling higher than eight meters, so moisture can fly upwards. Install a ventilation system to pull out the steam. Ceiling fans can help to spread moisture also, so it does not gather in cupboards where mold can be formed. Include windows in hot tub spaces that can be opened. Propping open windows for another short time will keep the air well ventilated when the hot tub cover is turned off. If your hot tub room is completely closed, windows along one side of the room will create an out-of-doors feel.

Use ceramic porcelain tiles or sheet vinyl on the floor in the hot tub compartment. Do not use any type of rug. The carpet is a surface that will support mold formation in a damp area. Tile floors can be cleaned more efficiently, and it may bleach if necessary to kill mold. If you choose to install sheet plastic flooring, seal well around the edges and install trim to keep it securely underneath. Install a drain in the hot tub hammock space for emptying the bathtub periodically.

Tips and warnings

Place cranes near the hot tub to fill it. Even the outdoor tub is usually filled with a water hose; it’s convenient to install faucets near the bathtub. For storage spaces, consider placing doors cabinets that have wire or grille fronts. This allows more air circulation in areas where you will store towels or chemicals for hot tub spaces. Add amenities to the room, such as a TV or CD player. Never place objects to be plugged in near the hot tub. Keep electrical outlets away so water splashes over the sides will not be a problem.

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