Ideas for Decorating House Walls with Hargrove Paintings

Jul 19th
Vintage Hargrove Paintings
Vintage Hargrove Paintings

Alias for Charles Hargrove paintings born in New York in 1963. Is a pure product of the South Bronx. After his studies of architecture and graphic arts, he launches in graffiti art. As a “Graffiti writer” and founding member of the Graffiti connection. Koor is one of the most interesting representatives of his generation of “Tag art”. He handles the aerosol container like a conductor. At the age of sixteen, after his change of canvas walls, he exhibits an exhibition at Fashion Moda. The first gallery to interested in the Bronx artists. Then it went to East Village and the artistic scene of Soho. Today Koor works and lives in Belgium. He coordinates the performance of his works as the interpretation of a score.

Multipurpose of Hargrove paintings are popular with home decor accessories. And also home decoration products. The assortment offers a huge range of topics to choose from. Multi-part wall charts can be a great choice in a variety of rooms as dynamic visuals. Such as in living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway. Image splitting can typically be vertical, horizontal, diagonal. Parts are not framed, so the subject stays united. Particularly square or rectangular pieces are stretched on a blind frame (strong wood). Because of the thick frame. So the image or graphics will continue on the sides of the page, further enhancing the dynamic 3D effect.

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Images can divided into up to seven sections. And the size of the wall, the proportion of the rest of the unit. Meanwhile, the color palette of the decoration should taken into account when determining the number of slots. And also selecting the right size. Most sought after are abstract or energy, harmony images, landscapes, flowers, cities, black and white pictures. You can complete the decorative of house walls with Hargrove paintings with frames, objects and accessories. When thinking about home decoration, a very common mistake is to forget the walls. Which are usually left white or only receive one element or another.

But you have to remember that they represent a high percentage of the house’s look. And when modified, can revolutionize a space. An easy and practical way to make decorating a more interesting environment is to give life to the walls. Enjoy this empty space to display items that tell a little about the history and tastes of those who live in the house. Which incorporate, in addition to the Hargrove paintings, objects that can form three-dimensional compositions. Hanging Hargrove paintings on the wall is a one way of decorating the house. These same elements can, when arranged in a new way, bring freshness and originality to the home.

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