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Feb 18th
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Hammock With Mosquito Net – Mesh netting in hammocks is a mistake. Mesh netting causes all kinds of torture. It can because rope burns on your skin and a general uncomfortable feeling when trying to get comfortable. Hammock with mosquito net should be made of sturdy material that is gentle and pleasant usually solid or tightly intertwined string. These kinds of hammocks are the conventional hammocks use in Central and South America. The people of Central and South America sleep in their hammocks every night. Just because they want to and not because it is cheaper. They consider the tightly intertwined hammocks most comfortable.

Most people don’t know that sleeping in a hammock with mosquito net is actually good for you; this is because it relieves pressure point and puts you at that special sleeping spot. This special spot is what doctor’s recommend as the best sleep position and it goes something like this: lying on your back, with head elevated ten to thirty percent angle gives the brain the best position for circulation and relieves congestion for better breathing. Most native cultures sleep like this rather than sleep on something flat. Now research is proving the benefits of sleeping in hammocks. It is even been said to cure insomnia.

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All around hammock with mosquito net can be another great alternative to camping in tents. Hammocks are easy and fast to set up even more so than tents. You sleep more comfortable in hammocks due to the great sleeping position you get. Choosing to sleep on the ground can a rocky or wet experience. You avoid all of that in a hammock. The ground can be hard and unforgiving; a hammock is gentle in comparison as it fits the curve of your spine.

Being in a hammock with mosquito net places you conveniently outside where you are experiencing the stars, nature, and fresh air. Some tents you can’t stand up in and the air is stale and stuffy after a night’s sleep. Even if your tent is waterproof you can run into a few puddles. Nowadays hammocks have all the equipment tents have. A hammock’s mosquito net in the summer will keep out the bugs. A hammock gear loft will hold your belongings. A hammock rain fly is use to reflect heat back from your body to keep you warm and protect you from the rain or snow. Best of all when you set up your tarp around the hammock you not only have separation you also have privacy. A safe place where you can change clothes while standing.

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