Hammock Wall Mount Guide

May 4th
Ultimate Hammock Wall Mount
Ultimate Hammock Wall Mount

Hammock wall mount – Mounting a hammock is easy and, once learned, you do it right away. Here are the most important things: security through proper installation and choice of the right place. The right wall space is an integral part to fully enjoy the hammock. On the one hand it should have the right size. On the other hand, it should have appropriate suspension points. An element that is often overlooked during assembly is that the hammock is more comfortable and has the ability to inflate.

Hammock between two walls; to hang a hammock inside or on the terrace is suitable for concrete or plaster walls. To attach the hammock wall mount, first place a hook on the wall. A rope will then hook the hook and the hammock. For older houses that do not have such strong walls, there are special hooks. These divide the weight into several holes and lighten the weight for the wall. However, the hammock must flush well. Ideal is a ratio between height and length of 1: 2. A comfortable distance between the two knobs of the hammock is, therefore, 3-4 m. If it is suspended with the extremities too “close”, resting on it is no longer so comfortable.

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If the distance is large, it can be compensated with a rope placed between the hook and the hammock. The ideal height for hammock wall mount is 1.8-2.3 m. With the extensions of the ropes it is possible to get higher in the corresponding way. The lowest point of the hammock should be about 30 cm from the ground. Note, however, that a new hammock or washed, expands again. And, therefore, has to be hanged higher up. Suggestion. Since almost all media are too low, the hammocks should be hanged very tightly and not loose in comfort.

Hammock wall mount on brick wall; the installation is simple. Drill holes, insertion plug, and screwdriver attachment and hook hammock. With a good brick or concrete wall, the ideal 4-bolt wall hooks ideal. The load is thus distributed over 4 screws. An 8 mm dowel and robust screws can be fitted. For older brick walls, it takes screws that go deep into the wall. With a series of eye screws (“golfers”), dowels, carabineers and ropes, you can anchor a bomber hammock in a brick wall. But also hang it or detach it with a handle. If necessary, to prevent slippage of the dowel, put a pinch of oil on the threads before threading.

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