Hammock Hangers in Your Garden

Feb 28th
Hammock Hangers with Clips

Hammock Hangers – You must set at least some parts of your “man-made landscape” to provide areas where you can rest and think, a peaceful observation point. I prefer a natural “grown” space and not an ancient gazebo garden home structure. Even though we all want some gay flowers and brilliant sunshine, we also need the seclusion of a quiet area, a reflective private place. Here you will almost feel the freshness of the air you breathe. You can listen to dove mourning, and phoebe-wind ripple maple leaves. A warm summer smell in the summer, a lilac scent floating on the breeze.

Our private retreat is a cool shade – a hill above the river. A hill and a river are of course not important. They happen to be there for us. Bulldozed level, this terrace hide is twenty feet long and fourteen wide. Two spreading maples give shade. We made a small retaining wall around two high stones (three in several places) to hold the bank on one side and hold the ground on the other side. A hammock hangers at one end to a cedar pole, arranged for that purpose, and at the other end to one of the maples.

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When you are in hammock hangers you are sometimes in the world and sometimes on it – hanging from the side of the hammock you see. From one side you see the curve of the meadow. The land is located above, and you are under it. From the other side, you are in a green area from the top of the tree looking down through the leaves to the river with a completely different perspective. This is our way of thinking, a pretty neat trick and making the hammock a stunning venue.

The shadows themselves are shady, but outside the maple tree limbs, the sun is shining. The Japanese slices grow in the sun where we sit; Likewise Jacob’s staircase, which starts from May to July, purple flowers are touched in white and every pleasant leaf of the leaves become a small green staircase. On the other side of the terrace, a stretch of Dutch breeders shed a steep rock bank to the riverbank. The flowers greeted us at the end of April when the first days of the hammock began. The pink and white orange adds shade and beauty. Lilies-of-the-valley (especially for fragrance) clusters below; a parade of soft white foam flowers along the riverbank; Gold thread peeking from leaves. Jack-in-the-pulpit rises in dignity behind the wall. That’s the article about hammock hangers.

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