Granite Grey Paint for Bathroom

Jan 12th
Granite Grey Paint Wall
Granite Grey Paint Wall

A bathroom with granite grey paint and counter gives you several design directions. Go stylish and modern with a cool color palette of silver and gray. Or you can warm the room with beige and brown tones to give space to traditional style. While some believe it says “black goes with something,” be careful not to apply the conventional wisdom when you make your decorate choice. Narrow your color palette to one or two colors when decorating to maintain an appearance that is balanced and well-coordinated.


Use a granite grey paint that connects with granite. Choose neutral shades like white, beige or gray to make black “pop” and give the bathroom a genocide appeal. Work with primary colors like red, sky blue or lime green to give the bathroom a modern feel. Choose pastel colors like pink, yellow or lavender for a softer look. Accessorize the bathroom with items that tie in with wall paint, such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes and lotion dispensers in different shades of colors from the same family as the color used on the walls. Or choose from chrome or brass. Use towels as contrast to the wall color for an additional pop of color. For example, use red towels with gray wall paint.

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Imagine giving the room Touch with animal print. Put on zebra print patterns in a full granite grey paint bathroom, or leopard prints with brown and black, and coordinate with beige-colored baths and guest towels and accessories and paint the beige walls. Look for animal dragon shower drapes to complete the theme. Keep towels in the same color family so the look of the bathroom is still neat and consistent. Use either grey frames for artwork, or metal finishes matching silver or gold cranes. Choose artwork that complements the style of the bathroom, such as modern art or photography for a modern look, or plants and scenery scenes to complement a more classic and traditional bathroom style.

Imagine giving a theme to the artwork such as photographs of famous fountains from around the world, nautical scenes or paintings of European ports. Go through your own collection of photographs to look for pictures that you can frame and display on granite countertops. Pick up the main accent paint to be used as a rug for carpets or rugs. Choose a color to “anchor” in the room, align with the color of the walls and will not fight against the colors and patterns of decorative accessories, artwork and towels. Imagine a floor makeover and convert to black marble tiles, slate or a classic black and white checked linoleum design to complete your bathroom’s re-do from ceiling to floor.

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