Folding Table with Chair Storage Design

Apr 27th
Folding Table with Chair Storage
Folding Table with Chair Storage

Folding table with chair storage – “The search for good design is the same as the desire to keep alive.” Whether you’re rocking, turning, or leaning in your favorite living room chair, light comfort and good design work well together. These somewhat subjective qualities offer both symmetry and variation in your living room. It’s not just your eyes that want to balance and contrast different design elements such as straight lines and curves with color and texture. Your brain and other minds also pray.


Start with what you have

Create a floor plan by measuring the length and width of your living room in feet and inches. Use a metal tape measure and include doors and windows. Draw the contours of your room online paper, with two squares (or about 1/2 inch) equal to 1 foot. Include part of your dining room or entrance if they are attached to get the “big picture”. Measure existing folding table with chair storage. Draw on free hand (or with a ruler) the shapes that represent your table, couch and chairs, as they are in the space. On plain paper, these are simple rectangles, oval and circles.

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Place paper on plain paper and draw back the contours of the room. Draw your folding table with chair storage to improve the layout and accommodate new or replacement chairs. Leave at least 24 inches between furniture and 36 inches for two people to pass each other. Determine how many new chairs fit your floor plan and how big they will be based on your space.

Look for something new

Sketch your new chairs as 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch rectangular shapes to represent 24 inch to 36 inch (wide and deep) chairs. Leave extra space behind rocking chairs and around armchairs. Take photographs of the furniture you have and print them. Clip out and tag pictures of chairs and fabrics in magazines and online. Spread everything you’ve drawn and gather on the sheet of poster on board, including your own furniture.

Trace shapes and styles that you like from collected images. Create new folding table with chair storage from two or three different designs. Notice the similarities in the form of your choices. Also pay attention to contrast. Use drawing and markers (or color pens) to redraw and color your design; Play with solids and patterns. What the eye wants to see are also ratings of contrast. The trick is to not go to extremes. Select your favorites from this collection of new, found and existing furniture. Considered texture of wood, plastic, metal – even stone. Mix Hard and Soft Materials Metal and mohair are a good example of extreme contrast. A more even grade is wool and mohair, which is made of metal and leather. Some chairs have open arms and backs. Document your observations and ideas.

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