Faux Stained Leaded Glass Windows

Jul 9th
Leaded Glass Windows Image
Leaded Glass Windows Image

For this technique, you need glass, pattern, cellophane tape, liquid lead and glass paint. Purchase these items at a low cost in a crafts store. Choose a simple pattern for your first experiment by imitation leaded glass windows in your home and practice using these new materials. Place your pattern on a flat work surface. Carefully wash your glass pieces and holding them by the edges, put them on your employer. Use cellophane tape to set the pattern on the bottom of the glass will not move.

Now your pieces of glass should be on your employer and you should be able to see through them. Make a small hole in the nozzle of the liquid lead. Place the nozzle into the glass and gently press, outlining the pattern on the other side of the leaded glass windows.

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This method requires a lead strip kit that comes with a tool boning, a sharp knife, glass, pattern, cellophane tape and leaded glass windows paint. Paste the pattern reversed a clean piece of glass so you can see through the glass while you work; place it on a flat surface. Use the knife to cut the strips if they are too long; do not remove the tape until you are sure that the strips are in the right place.

How to Repair Leaded Glass Windows

Leaded glass windows using lead came instead of copper foil, and are available in a form of H. The glass meets the side channels formed by the top and bottom of the H. Replacement parts must take into account the thickness 1/16-inch of “heart” of H.  Clean the window and let it dry. Ensures sale on site. Gloved fingers using a spatula or putty to pressure below the edges of the strips of lead. Place the putty under the lead strips brushing over the lead, with nylon brush.

Sprinkle degreasing powder on the leaded glass windows. Use the brush to work the powder degreaser in caulk. Rub the putty on the glass and lead in small circles. When the putty is almost dry, sucking remaining powder and granules putty. Clean along all caulk that may have seeped under the edges of the strips of lead with a nail or a toothpick.

Brush or vacuum collection putty gently. Allow the window to dry for 24 hours, repeat and make a final cleaning. Rub the leaded glass windows gently brush naturally darken lead and joints, cleaning the remaining caulk. Clean with glass cleaner and a cloth or paper towel and replace the window repaired the door.

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