Faux Painting New Style Decoration

May 8th
Faux Painting Simple
Faux Painting Simple

Faux Painting – Fake paint consists of applying different layers of enamel to a wall to give it the appearance of a textured and aged surface. Among the most common false paintings include marble, brick, and wood. As an alternative to painting, fake paint allows color consistency and wall texture to vary while providing the illusion of having used more expensive materials. There are three common techniques for false painting. The discoloration consists of applying enamel so that one brush is on the other and thus produces a worn appearance.

In the technique faux painting with the sponge the enamel is applied with a sponge to achieve a more textured appearance and in the technique with the rag, you use a rag or a towel to give the wall a smoother and more variable style. To obtain a very soft texture, a cloth is generally used. Fading gives a more worn appearance, and for a textured appearance, a sponge is used. The more layers you add to the surface, the more you will have a textured look. If you only put one layer, you will see the brush or rag marks on the wall. While if you use two layers, the marks will be covered and give a more even appearance.

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Look at the color swatches in the stores so you know how the color will look once you apply it. You can change the brightness of the faux painting by adding a light or dark base layer. And you can also mix two colors to create a different tone. Buy a paint shop or home-made paint shop, base paint and other materials such as a paintbrush, cloth or sponge. As well as putty to cover wall irregularities. Check with the sellers to make sure you’re buying the right color for fake paint and base paint. The basecoat is necessary to protect the wall and for the false paint to look as it should. Submerge the roller in the base paint and apply it to the wall making pairs of long strokes from the ceiling to the wall.

Your brush strokes should cross and look casual. A good way to get the look you want is to faux painting a series of X’s in the right way. Let some parts of the base paint be seen: do not cover the entire wall. To create the right effect, rotate the sponge before each application and do not apply the enamel following a pattern. Press the sponge gently against the wall; if you squeeze or press very hard, it will create rare spots of a darker color.

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