Some Techniques Faux Paint Finishes

Jun 18th
Faux Paint Finishes Special
Faux Paint Finishes Special

Faux Paint Finishes – Metallic paints are often see in ceilings, walls, and columns. Applied on the texture of the paintings add visual interest to a room. A variety of metallic paint colors are available in greens, blues to purples as well as basics such as gold and silver. Always metallic paint, where there is a good source of light, or there will not be an adequate reflection. Preparation of the area to be paint. Masking walls or ceilings with a blue tape of painters. Apply plastic to cover the furniture in the room. Put the decks on the floor to protect the carpet.

Fill the nail holes with putty. Clear all electrical outlets to place the screws and covers in a small bag so that it does not get lost. Wall painting with the texture of faux paint finishes in the first place. For dark colors, black paint is better for light colors to use as close to a party in the color as possible to the metallic paint. Due to the texture, use a roller that is for rough surfaces. Check that the paint is getting into all the cracks in the texture a second layer may be require. Because the metallic paint is formulated with mica scales and very translucent, the black paint will allow the metallic paint to appear opaque and solid color. Apply the metallic paint. Due to the translucent factor of ferrous metals, several layers may be needed.

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One gallon of metallic faux paint finishes will cover 300 to 350 square feet of textured wall surface, depending on the texture level – per coat. Apply the laminate metal paint in all directions at random, and not in a straight vertical motion. Metallic paint will show strong up and down lines if painted this way. The organic movement and segments allow the metallic paint to blend visually. Mix a quart of paint a gallon of enamel in a bucket and mix well. This enamel blend will cover 400 square feet of texture. From the upper left corner, use a small mini roller genius to launch an enamel blending profile about 2 feet x 2 feet.

Attempt to roll the mixture of the enamel of organic forms, similar to the forms of the continents. Do not faux paint finishes to look like square blocks. With a rag, lightly manipulate the enamel by stenciled and dotted the entire area. Continue to add enamel sections and manipulate each section. Remove enough enamel when it is swing so that the metal base coat shines through. They have five to ten rags in their hands, and trade like a rag is saturate. Allow drying 24 hours.

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