The Best Exterior Paint Color Combinations for Small House

Feb 13th
Traditional Exterior Paint Color Combinations
Traditional Exterior Paint Color Combinations

A small house can carry its diminutive size proud of a smart exterior paint color combinations job. That emphasizes architectural details throughout dimensions. Paint can beat a little charm in a sailing ship. Also a honeycomb house worthy of a fairy tale or a quiet and carefree respite floating over a courtyard that is almost the size of the house. Shocked shipshape colors; an old lake bungalow reflects the blue water and sky with a blue and white paint job. Also stone staircase and gray slate roof. Crooked roof colors mimic mortared local stone that leads to a screened porch and front door.

The main house is paint in white. The enclosed porch, all the trim on the porch screens and screened doors, window frames, curtains and the garage door are the same muted sky blue. That is a color with a bit gray in mixing with the roof. The front door is a slate gray, and the house foundation, visible on the garage side. Because the house is on a hill, is a brighter shade of the same blue as the trim. The house blends into the blue and green above the surrounding forest and leaves. And will seem bigger than it actually is. Its small size, gables and neat nautical color scheme from exterior paint color combinations make it an air of a compact ship shining through the trees.

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Edited carefully colors; A small holiday house in a landscape of old trees and faded brick pavers is a light treat with pink walls and shiny white trim. The house has two steep faux tin roofs. And a narrow front porch runs along the house under the roof beak of the first floor roof. Porch bars and gingerbread supplements are paint in white. The front door is a lacquered. Sugary tree with collected white shades hanging in its vertical side-by-side windows. Limiting the outer palette to just three colors. They are gray, pink and white. This keeps the look of exterior paint color combinations very nice and appealing. The wooden door draws the eye to the entrance and away from the corners of the house. Which has the effect that a very small house seems bigger than it is.

Exterior paint color combinations with complementary colors; A random cottage that seems more like a stage than a real place to live is being dressed in a quaint paint job of complementary colors for the curb appeal. The main house color is a deep honey gold. With a hint of brown in it, almost like a pale cream stool. But there are gables and twigs and shutters and wrought iron arches. Each window is a different style and each frame is adorn. The chaos is contain without quivering abundance of the place. These by choosing an opposite trim color and using it sparingly on those shutters. The honey gold gives way to a butter cream color paint on the roof beard, window frames and baluster.

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