The Benefits of Adding Sidelights to Your Entry Door

Entry doors with sidelights are a popular, attractive, and functional option for homeowners. These doors have panes of glass that are placed on either side of the door, which allow natural light to enter the interior of the home. The sidelights can also provide a sense of increased security, as they give homeowners the ability to see who is knocking on their door before opening it. Additionally, entry doors with sidelights can increase the curb appeal of a home, adding an elegant touch to the exterior. There are a variety of materials, colors, and styles to choose from when considering entry doors with sidelights, making it easy for homeowners to find the perfect fit for their home. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of entry doors with sidelights, as well as popular design options and installation considerations.

The Benefits of Choosing an Entry Door with Sidelights

Are you in the process of selecting a new entry door for your home? If so, you may want to consider a door with sidelights. Sidelights are the narrow windows on either side of the door that are fixed or operable. They provide additional natural light and bring an elegant touch to your front entrance. In this section, we will discuss the benefits of choosing an entry door with sidelights.

1. Increased Natural Light

One of the main benefits of sidelights is the additional natural light they bring into your entryway. Sidelights can brighten up a dark room and create a more inviting atmosphere for your visitors. The natural light also helps reduce your reliance on electricity and helps to lower your energy bill.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

An entry door with sidelights can add a unique touch to the overall design of your house. You can choose from various styles, shapes, and sizes to match your personal style. The customizable nature of sidelights means that it can easily add character and value to your property.

3. Improved Security

Sidelights are not just decorative elements, they can also improve the security of your home. Sidelights are typically made of tempered or laminated glass, which is difficult to break. This added security measure helps to deter unwanted visitors and provides peace of mind for you and your family.

4. Enhance Curb Appeal

An entry door with sidelights can instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. It can create an eye-catching focal point, resulting in a more welcoming and polished look. This visual appeal also adds value to your home when it comes time to sell.

5. Increased Ventilation

Sidelights can also provide ventilation to your home, allowing fresh air to flow while still maintaining privacy. If you choose operable sidelights, you can open them to allow a breeze into your home on a hot summer’s day, creating a more comfortable living space.

6. Versatility

Sidelights come in a range of styles and sizes which means that they are versatile enough to fit different types of homes. You can choose a sidelight with clear, frosted or textured glass to suit your individual preference or to match an existing design element in your home.

7. Increased Home Value

An entry door with sidelights can add value to your home. By investing in a high-quality entry door, you are making a long-term investment in your property, resulting in a higher market value when you decide to sell your home.

8. Privacy

If privacy is important to you, you can opt for sidelights with frosted or textured glass. This allows natural light to enter your home, while still maintaining privacy. You can also choose from a range of tints and patterns that provide you with different levels of privacy to suit your requirements.

9. Durability

Sidelights are durable and designed to withstand the test of time. Most brands use tempered or laminated glass which makes it difficult to break, hence it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

10. Energy Efficiency

An entry door with sidelights can also help you reduce your energy bills. With a more energy-efficient door and sidelight, the amount of air infiltration or loss in your home reduces, thereby reducing energy consumption. This also results in a smaller carbon footprint, which makes your home more environmentally-friendly.

In conclusion, entry doors with sidelights offer many benefits, from increasing natural light to improving your home’s security, curb appeal, and energy efficiency. Sidelights are also versatile, durable, and customizable to suit any home design, making it a perfect addition to your home.

Benefits of an Entry Door with Sidelights

Entry doors with sidelights offer a multitude of benefits to homeowners. Whether you choose a traditional style or a modern design, sidelights can enhance the look and feel of your home while also providing practical advantages. In this section, we will delve deeper into the various benefits of entry doors with sidelights.

1. Increased Natural Light and Feeling of Spaciousness

One of the greatest benefits of entry doors with sidelights is the increase in natural light. Sidelights allow much more sunlight to flow into the home, creating a welcoming and cheerful ambiance. It also makes the entrance appear more spacious, which is especially useful for smaller homes. With a greater amount of natural light, you can reduce the dependence on artificial lighting and cut down on electricity bills.

2. Improved Ventilation and Energy Efficiency

Sidelights can be designed to include operable windows, which bring in fresh air and improve ventilation. This is particularly helpful during hot summer months when proper airflow can make a significant difference in indoor temperature. With improved ventilation, you can avoid using air conditioning as much, thus saving on energy bills. Additionally, with the right kind of glass, sidelights can also help regulate indoor temperatures and improve energy efficiency.

3. Enhanced Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

Entry doors with sidelights can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. They add a touch of elegance to the entrance, making it more inviting and visually appealing. Moreover, sidelights come in various designs, patterns, and glass options, allowing for a greater level of customization. Homeowners can choose from classic clear glass to textured, frosted, or stained glass designs to suit their style preferences.

4. Improved Security and Safety

Entry doors with sidelights have security benefits as well. With proper installation, they can provide a clear view of people approaching the entrance, allowing homeowners to prepare accordingly. Furthermore, you can install laminated or tempered glass to improve security and make it more difficult for intruders to break in. In addition to security, sidelights can also improve safety by providing extra light and visibility when navigating the entrance at night.

5. Increased Home Value and ROI

By installing a new entry door with sidelights, homeowners can increase the value of their home. It adds an attractive feature to the exterior, which can also have a positive effect on the value of neighboring homes. Furthermore, the addition of sidelights can attract potential buyers and increase the overall appeal of the home. Investing in a new entry door with sidelights can have a high ROI, making it a smart investment for homeowners.

Options for Entry Door with Sidelights

When choosing an entry door with sidelights, there are a few important factors to consider. Here, we’ll go over some of the most popular options for entry doors with sidelights.


One of the first things to think about is the material of your entry door with sidelights. There are a few different materials that are commonly used:

Material Pros Cons
Wood Durable and elegant, can be painted or stained to match your home Can be expensive and requires regular maintenance
Steel Very durable and secure, can be painted to match your home Can be relatively expensive and may rust over time
Fiberglass Low maintenance, energy efficient, and durable Does not look as authentic as wood or steel


The glass in your sidelights can be customized in a number of ways. Here are some popular options:

Clear Glass

Clear glass is a popular option for sidelights because it allows plenty of natural light into your home. However, keep in mind that clear glass may not offer as much privacy as some of the other options.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass can be a great option if you want more privacy but still want natural light in your entryway. Frosted glass can be customized to be more or less opaque, allowing you to find the perfect balance between privacy and natural light.

Decorative Glass

If you want to add some character to your entry door with sidelights, consider opting for decorative glass. This type of glass can feature a variety of designs, from simple geometric patterns to intricate floral motifs.


In addition to sidelights, many entry doors also include a transom window above the door. Transoms can be either fixed or operable, and can be customized in much the same way as sidelights.


Finally, when choosing an entry door with sidelights, you’ll need to consider sizing. Sidelights can be customized to fit almost any size door, but it’s important to ensure that the proportions are correct. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that the sidelights are no wider than half of the width of the door.

With so many customization options available, an entry door with sidelights can be a beautiful and functional addition to any home. Consider your design preferences, budget, and security needs when making your selection.

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