Enjoy the Sunny Days with Hammock Chair with Stand

Jan 6th
Travel Hammock Chair with Stand
Travel Hammock Chair with Stand

Hammock chair with stand – The cloth hammocks or hammocks paraguayas are ideal to take a break outdoors: there is nothing as comfortable as a nap while you sit in a hammock!  But if you do not have trees or walls to hang it, do not worry: you can build this simple hammock stand, which will serve to place it anywhere in the garden, and even move it when you need it. In addition, you can fold and store it in a small space horizontally. If you do not have a hammock, you can also learn how to build a Paraguayan hammock for your garden or for camping. Enjoy the sunny days!

Place two of the 8-foot boards, one parallel to the other. And drill a hole 6 inches from the end of each. Take two other boards and drill holes 4 inches from the end.  Align the woods as in the picture, placing a small piece of the middle in between to space them (performs a hole in it too). Think of this as one of the lower corners of the bracket (of those that rest on the floor). Join the 5 pieces of wood through a 12-inch screw, but do not adjust it yet. In the same way, connect two other planks on the other side, guiding you with the finished model.

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Adjust the structure so that the interior angles are at 120º. Fix it with two short wooden boards held by 8-inch screws, and using spacers, if necessary. Try the hammock chair with stand between these steps, to make sure it fits on your stand. Place another table as a base under each of the joints. Guided by the image to make sure all the pieces are in the correct position. Cross the woods that form the vertical posts with a long screw. And use the space left in the middle of the woods to hold onto a hook from which you can hang the hammock.

Tighten all bolts you have fitted with nuts and washers. You have the support finished! Just put it on your feet, hang the hammock. And lie down to enjoy your well-deserved rest. The moment of the most absolute relax is the one we can get when we go to bed in one of the garden hammocks. That we are going to present to you in this page. Buy a hanging garden hammock, a beach garden hammock chair with stand, a cloth garden hammock, plastic, mosquito net or awning. All this is what you will find in the following lines. But first, a sample to make it clear what you will be able to see.

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