Enjoy Outdoor Double Hammock

Jan 28th
White Double Hammock
White Double Hammock

Double hammock – It is clear that the best thing to place a hammock is to have two trees on which to hang it, but it is also very clear that not all have a large garden or terrain with trees to do so, and that is why we want to share with You these ideas to be able to have a hammock on the terrace or the balcony. The first idea that we want to share is the one you can see in the photograph that heads the article, and that is based simply on installing our hammock looking for two high points on the walls of one of the corners of the terrace.

Of course, we must take into account that a hammock will have to support our weight. So the installation on the wall should be carried out very carefully. It is best to use a bit of a good thickness, to install a chemical plug or equivalent. And some good hardware. Nor is it too much to make sure that the walls withstand the tension. Because, for a time to this part, the constructions leave much to be desire.

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In this case it can be verified that, even without a terrace. Then a small balcony can also be use to install a double hammock. It is not a large balcony, but they have manage to find the perfect spots to install it and look great. It occurs to us that it may be a good idea to leave two rings on the wall (one in each hole). So that we can have our hammock well stored in the closet. And place it whenever we want with the help of, for example, a pair Of carabiners. This way we make sure that it is always in perfect condition. And will not take up space on the balcony or on the terrace.

If a railing is available it may also be a good idea to make this one of the supports of our hammock. So we will only have to make a hole in one of the walls. Once again we advise you to ensure the stability and strength of both the railing and the wall. And finally we want to show another good idea. Which consists of acquiring one of these hammocks that have their own structure of foot. To be able to put it anywhere, without worrying about supports in walls, trees or the equivalent. We personally do not like this concept, since it loses that “romanticism” of the classic double hammock. Besides being quite more expensive and occupying a lot. But hey, as tastes already know.

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