Easy Tips Build Wooden Beach Chairs

Apr 27th
Wooden Beach Chairs Variant
Wooden Beach Chairs Variant

Wooden Beach Chairs – Summer beach feeling is easy to learn from yourself to build a beach chair in the garden. Even without an elaborate plan, you can implement the project in action. Lifeguard chairs are practical and decorative. Being on a higher level allows the person in the chair to see more water closely. First, get the “ingredients” for your new beach chair without a special plan. To prolong the pleasure of this, but it must be reasonably stable. In order to buy the hardware two panels of wood with 200 x 100 cm of size in the lateral walls of its chair of the beach. Here you can each curve the upper edges of the saw, saw in approximately 175 cm starting.

This saves you time. For the back wall, get a wooden panel of 175 cm x 80 cm in size. The side walls screw it using wood screws simply to the aforementioned wall again. It is best to drill the holes here. Therefore, the plates will not break. On the side of the walls continue to screw square woods. This later use as an intermediate floor and a sitting area. Fit the seat rails to a height of 44 cm. The level ends in 48 cm. For the shelves that screw 3 bars – 26 cm high the above-mentioned collector strips. Now the assembly of the intermediate bottom and then the seat. In order to achieve stabilization of the wooden beach chairs. This is possible even without any instruction.

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Then fix the seat. You have to use a so-called piano hinge, the clip on the support rail directly to the back plate of the wooden beach chairs. In the storage compartment formed in this way bring as low on bad pillows and time pads. Now customize the footrest. A wooden plate of 74 x 60 cm in size, screw it into another plate of 30 x 74 cm. Like walking is a mounted on the back plate of 50 x 10 cm in size that the screw does not. A handle to get through a hole in the iris of your footrest.

In another plate of wood of 48 x 80 cm of thickness, cut in the middle of an area of 30×74 cm. Through this segment, you can then push your footrest. This wood panel even screws like a diaphragm with your wooden beach chairs . Last assembly including its roof. To use the routing with a thickness of 3 x 2 cm, you nailed it to the sidewalls of a beach chair. If you wish, give your beach chair without special plan conclude with a painting of your choice.

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