DIY Bow Window Treatments

Apr 10th
Top Bow Window Treatments
Top Bow Window Treatments

DIY Bow Window Treatments – The bow windows is sometimes necessary to block light and add privacy or for decorative purposes. Treatment arched to maintain, rather than hide their forms by using curved rods and flexible curtain windows. Bar, hang curtains handmade fabric suitable and preferred.

Close the clips rod inside bow window treatments frames. Screw a clip at the bottom, where bar ends recline. Additional every 10 to 12 inches between the screw clips. Cut pieces of fabric for curtains. Cut to the width of the windows in addition to 14 to 18 inches to accommodate for grouping and side hems. Determine the desired length curtains. Curtains are cinched at the bottom of the centers of the arches and the “tails” can partially hanging down from the window, just below the window or onto the floor. Add 7 inches to allow the pockets of the bar and the bottom hem. Press 1/2-inch folds on the sides of the curtain. Fold again and press hemming 1 inch. Sew along the folds of 1/2 inch.

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DIY bow window treatments, Press 1/2-inch folds on top. Fold and press again curtain pockets 3 inches. Sew along the folds of 1/2 inch. Press 1/2-inch folds in the bottom of the curtain. Fold again and press hemming 4 inches. Sew along the folds of 1/2 inch. Place the curtain rods curtain pockets and even the folds. Curtain rods bend to conform to the arch forms and fit into threaded fasteners. Gather and tie the game curtains points below the arch forms. Choose a binding method that best suits the design and home decor.

Bow Window Treatments

Bow window treatments – Arched windows have always been the attention grabbers among all forms of windows we see that they need to have their own special bow window treatments. They seem to have a special place in everyone’s heart and give a complete fairy tale appearance to the house, both inside and out. If you are planning to wear these unique windows, you should not treat them as if it were regular conventional rectangular windows.

In comparison with the traditional or standard rectangular windows, the number of options arched bow window treatments is very limited. However, there are several ways in which you can give your arched windows of a fabulous look.

You can select the materials for bow window treatments according to your preference. If you want to install curtains, then you can select from wood, imitation wood, metals such as aluminum, PVC and certain strong and reinforced fabrics. There are numerous designs and colors in PVC metal and fabric curtains. The wooden shutters come in different types of wood that define the finishing color tone and pattern of wood blinds. These are available in horizontal and vertical blind styles. If you need a lot of brightness control, then you can use dark curtains and colorful curtains for your bow window treatments. The curtain rod if the arc should be arched windows, also in order to engage the uppermost edge of the window. You can also use valances and cornices as window toppers and simple scissors for the rest of the window.

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