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Contemporary Sofa Bed – Despite being one of the most versatile pieces and even necessary when space needed for some reason, designers often do not pay much attention to very useful sofa bed. The result? While the rest of the furniture constantly reinterpreted, sofa beds tend to be boring and predictable. They have two particularly interesting models that reinvent the traditional concept of sofa bed by putting together a piece technology and design.

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The first is the contemporary sofa bed Pil-low, the design of rethinking the relationship between the seat, back and pillow. The result is a piece that is in sleep mode, when a big cushion sofa provides ergonomics (and makes decorative pillows are not necessary), but when in bed mode, the same cushion increases seating area. The Pil-low conceals a storage space, so it is useful triply.

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More playful and even unexpected, is the model Up-lift, his contemporary sofa bed: a piece consisting of two volumes to be rotated find a single bed where no one imagined he was. Both the Up-lift as the Pil-low is designed to be especially useful in small spaces. Something very interesting of the two proposals is that its transformation into beds is extremely simple, the opposite of those couches that resist being unfolded. Not every day we have the opportunity to discover the Croatian design.